We offer solutions for packing various products into cartons. Suction cups and gripping tools for robotic arms are designed with the products to be packed in mind, guaranteeing perfect operation without damaging the packed packaging or carton.

Examples of applications:

  • Application of self-adhesive labels on cartons
  • Closing and gluing carton flaps
  • Inserting liner cartons and separators
  • Loading products into cartons
  • Automatic carton unfolding


Built on the basis of the FANUC M-410 model series, this 4-axes robot stands out based on its slim design and optimised kinematics. These features allow it to perform palletising tasks at a high speed (throughput of 2200 cycles per hour) while making the most efficient use of the available workspace. Compared to the larger models of this series, the M-410iC/110 is considered the fastest palletising robot in its class with a working range of 2,400 mm.

4 2 403 mm 110 kg

Compact and dynamic

Its size of 2,40 m gives the M-410iC/110 the advantage of speed. It is significantly faster than the other palletising robots from the same robot range.

Maximum usage of minimum space

Within restricted areas, this palletising model is able to perform its tasks with no constraints. Its purpose-built kinematics enable it to reach the best possible level of efficiency for palletising within a given workspace.

Straight working envelope

To ensure ideal palletizing conditions, this model is designed to achieve an optimised working envelope for palletising. This gives it the wider range of motion, which is optimal for the complete stacking height of pallets.