Label application

Robotic labelling systems are suitable for automatic lines with a large variety of packaging. Robotic labelling systems can apply labels to different positions on the packaging without the need for mechanical repositioning.

Examples of applications:

  • Application of labels on pallets
  • Application of security labels over the corner of the carton
  • Printing labels and their application on packaging and cartons

SCARA Robot SR-6iA

The FANUC SR-6iA makes a great choice for assembly, pick and place, inspection and packaging applications requiring a payload capacity up to 6 kg. Sitting in a small footprint, the SR-6iA offers speed and precision within a 360° envelope. Its lightweight pedestal-design and integrated services minimise the risk of interference with peripheral devices.

4 650 mm 6 kg

Easy error recovery

Equipped with a brake release switch on its arm, the FANUC SR-6iA/C ensures error recovery.

More productivity

The speed, precision and dexterity offered by FANUC SCARA robots translates to increased productivity and more efficiency for your business.

Integrated services

I/O, 24VDC, solenoid valves and air lines in the arm prevent interference and reduce costs.