Palletizing workspace

Palletizing at the end of filling and packaging lines is one of the most demanding processes in automatic production. We design complete palletizing workstations to ensure continuous operation for your production line.

Examples of applications:

  • Application of self-adhesive labels on pallets
  • Automatic wrapping of pallets with foil
  • Insertion of carton liners, hats or trays
  • Palletizing of various types of packaging, e.g. cartons, canisters, bottles, etc.
  • Automatic pallet destocking


Featuring a huge 210 kg payload, this model is ideally suited to any number of heavy handling jobs on almost any application. With numerous mounting options available to make best use of space and create an optimal work envelope, it makes an excellent spot welding robot. Additional options make it suitable for food processing applications or wet environments. 

6 2 655 mm 210 kg

A big lifter

Capable of lifting up to 210 kg, this ultra-heavy lifter will handle huge payloads across a vast range of applications.

Automotive spot welding

Popular for heavy payload welding applications, this model offers good accessibility and high performance. Ask for the optional spot welding dressout package.

Find the right R-2000 for the job

Available with a range of different mounting positions, a secondary food option and wet environment protection.